KABA E-Locks: Why is my lock blinking red and green?

Posted on January 28, 2019

Don’t be locked out! Watch for Low Battery Warning

If you have a Kaba E-Code lock, they work great. No more lost keys. Hard to lock yourself out. BUT…

You have to pay attention to it. If it blinks red even when you enter a correct code, it may be trying to tell you something.

You COULD have a low battery for example.

The lock will start warning days, often weeks, in advance. The unit will flash both green and red.

Green and Red flash simultaneously each time a key is pressed.

Ignore it and you will be locked out.

If you don’t report the low batteries, the unit will stop working. And if it stops when you are outside, well, you won’t be able to get inside… not good!

If you get locked out as a result, it will cost you!

If you report it, we can swap the batteries, no problem. If you ignore it (and yes the lock log will tell us how many times you ignored it and for how long), and have to get an emergency call in to get into your home, then that’s your nickle… well, a lot more than a nickel if its after hours.

So please pay attention to and report and errors, especially if it flashes both green and red at each key press.

DIY KABA Lock Battery Replacement? You bet! It’s easy…

You can easily replace the batteries on the Kaba lock if you see it blinking and want to take care of it. You need a phillips head screwdriver and 3 AA batteries (do NOT use rechargeables). That’s it!

  1. Unscrew the single screw located on the top front of the back side of the lock (the part facing the inside of your unit)
  2. Lift up slightly and tilt to remove the cover (the twist knob will come off with it)
  3. Swap the batteries
  4. Put the cover back on, making sure to line up the twist knob with the post on the lock
  5. Wiggle a bit to make it sit flush. The key to that you start with the bottom so the 2 little bottom clips hold the cover to the door.
  6. Put the screw back in.

Should be back in action, with no red flashin’ (unless you enter an incorrect code, of course!)

Problems? We will do it for you. No problem.