How do I log in to my tenant account?

Posted on May 17, 2016

tenant portal login elkins apartmentsYour Elkins Apartments tenant account portal is the easiest way to check your balance, make payments, and submit work orders. How do you login?

Simply go to the portal login, also available from the How Can We Help menu of our website. or just navigate to and choose Tenant Account Management from the How Can We Help dropdown menu.

First Time Users

NOTE: MOBILE DEVICES often will not work for the first login. Please use a desktop to login the first time. You can try mobile, but most people are unsuccessful… ymmv.

In almost all cases, when we create your account using the information you provided when you signed your lease, we enter the email address you provided at the time and we already activated the account. You would have received an email, with a link to login. You may have ignored it. If you did, its probably expired so even if you have the email, it likely won’t let you login so…

Try this first: Reset your password:

Choose Forgot Password and enter the email address you provided us.

Note: is not the same as

If you provided one version of an email address to us, but are using another one to try to login, it will not work. Your email is your unique userid, and no other system in the world will consider, say, to be the same as (or whatever).

No luck? Send us a note.

If you cannot guess your email address when doing the password reset, and you cannot locate the original email notice (to verify your address), then send us a note with who you are and where you live and we can look it up. Maybe there’s a typo, or maybe you used an old address. Either way, we can look it up for you and, if necessary, change it.

There are a few other situations that can cause the system to balk at letting you login. Your account might not have been activated (that’s easy for us to fix for you), or you might have two contacts in our system with the exact same email–the system won’t know which “you” you are so it will not let you in. All easy to fix.

Regardless of the issue, we can sort it out.

Hundreds of our tenants successfully use the portal every month to pay bills, review their ledger, and submit work orders. Its rock solid. If you run into a problem, I’m sure we can help you figure out what’s going on, no problem!