Rental living

Rental living, from start to finish. We can help with that!

So, you just want a little information but don’t want to send a note or call us? That’s cool. We’ve started writing up some help for all aspects of what we do! How can we help you?

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quick Q&A on some of the most common questions we receive…

Finding Bloomington Rentals

Where do you want to live? How many people do you have? Large group? Students? Small Group? And are you a rental house person, an apartment kinda guy, or a townhouse lady?! Read more about finding Bloomington Rentals….

Signing a Lease

What’s a lease or rental agreement? What’s the deal with deposits? And what’s up with the first and last month’s installment payments? Read more about signing a lease….

Moving in to your New Rental

When are you able to move in to your rental? What do you have to do BEFORE you can move in to your new apartment or rental house? What’s a move in inspection? How do you get things fixed? Read more about moving into your new rental….

Living in Your Rental

The random things we couldn’t categories elsewhere. Like, can I use a grill? What about a space heater? Read more about living in your rental property….

Maintaining Your Rental House, Apartment or Townhouse

What’s preventive maintenance? What preventive apartment maintenance should you do yourself? Do you need help with repairs? Toilets, heating and AC? How do you submit a maintenance request? Read more about maintaining your rental….

Reviewing and Paying your Bills

When are payments due? What’s the scoop on installment payments? How can you pay your bills? What should you do if you have a question about a bill? Are there late fees? What other fees do we charge? Read more about reviewing and paying your bills…

Moving Out of Your Rental

When do you have to move out? What’s a move out inspection? What should you do to prepare for a move out inspection? What is the security deposit return process? Read more about the move out process….

Got Something Else?

Did we miss something about your rental living experience? Send us your question and we’ll write it up!

Thanks again for allowing Elkins Apartments to provide you with a place to live. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a question of concern.