7 Things to Do Before Leaving for Spring Break

Posted on March 12, 2015

7 tips to prep for spring break words spring break on sandLeaving for Spring Break? Elkins Apartments has a simple checklist to help you prep your place before you leave!

If you have spring break plans, chances are you are ready to bolt to the beach, the snow, your parents, lifelong friends – pretty much anything that involves getting out of Bloomington. Wrap up what you are doing – classes, work, whatever – and get outta here! But, not so fast … don’t harsh your mellow upon return. Seven steps to protect your rental home and 16 tips to protect yourself over spring break, from Elkins Apartments.

7 simple steps to maintain your place and your peace of mind!

1. Turn Heat On. Leave Heat on. Above 65.thermostat 65 degrees square

Bloomington can freeze in March. Make sure your heat is on! Heat may be turned down to 65 degrees to conserve heat costs but do not turn your heat off. Pipes can freeze, damage your residence, not good. It could be 60 when you leave for the beach, or wherever you are off to, and over the week, drop well below freezing. This is Bloomington. Gotta love the weather. Make sure the heat is on before you leave.

2. Pay Rent.pay rent before vacation

Please remember to pay your March rent before leaving to avoid the $4 per person, per day fee. Coming back to a big late fee would not be cool.

3. Remove Trash.Hand Putting Garbage Bag Into Trash Can

Please make sure all trash is picked up, put in the correct containers, and tagged, if necessary, before leaving. Trash is nasty. Keep it clean.

4. Hold Papers and Mail.hold mail for vacation

Notify the post office and newspaper carriers to hold your mail and papers until you return from vacation. It’ll help make it less obvious you are gone!

The Post Office will hold your mail for up to a month and you can either have it all delivered on a specific day  or you can just pick it up when you return.

Newspapers will do the same thing. The Herald Times has a form for this, or you can call them at (812) 336-4200. If you just have them held, they extend your subscription by the number of days you hold it, or you can get a VacPack (which is all the papers delivered when you get back).

5. Get Secure.secure your home or apartment for spring break

@BltgINPolice The Bloomington Police Dept 812.339.4477 suggests:

  • Make sure that all windows and doors are locked.
  • You may want to leave a light on in your apartment.
  • Consider a self-storage facility for specialty items like stereos, computers, and gaming consoles.
  • Have a trusted neighbor or friend check your place while you are gone.
  • Leaving a car? Remove all valuables from your car and leave it locked in a highly visible, well lit, area.
  • Stop checking in on social networks. Seriously. “Hey, thief. I’m totally not home!”

6. Unplug.unplug for spring break safety

Pull the plug on appliances and electronics = save $ and reduce risk something gets a surge while you are gone.

7. Tell Us What You Need!maintenance requests screen shot contact form

What is on your wishlist? Is there anything else you would like the office or maintenance to attend to? Let us know.

Please keep yourself safe and secure during spring break, too.

These seven steps will help you prep for spring break, but what about yourself while you are gone? Nobody wants to think about bad things happening while on a trip, but they do happen, often. Be safe getting there, don’t accept things from strangers, buddy system, personal limits, condoms – things to remember for a safer spring break.

Or, for something with a little more edge, check out this article and video from the daily sass.

16 tips for spring break safety

16 Spring Break Safety Tips from Officer Pamela Christian. Graphic Courtesy of TCU.

Best wishes for a safe and secure, fun, relaxing, and uneventful Spring Break

Elkins Apartments

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