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Really impressed us

My boyfriend and I moved here from CT two years ago into a cute one bedroom apartment that was sold to Elkins from a private landlord a few days before we moved in. We were initially concerned about having different landlords at first, but Elkins really impressed us! We have been living here for two years now and Elkins has treated us very well and kept our apartment in pristine shape. They generously furnished our new apartment with a new fridge, stove and toilet, all of which we have been very happy with! The maintenance workers have been friendly and helpful at all times, and the management has gone out of their way to help us out. For example, we had an issue with a suspicious neighbor one weekend, and the manager went out of her way to help us out and call the police to deal with the issue. To sum things up, I would absolutely recommend Elkins apartments to anyone out apartment hunting.

Maria N. via Google on 06/09/2022

Amazing and seamless

From my experience renting with Elkins, it has been an amazing and seamless experience. The office staff are always willing to help out and assist with issues in a fast manner. When we first arrived in the house there were a few maintenance request that had to be completed and they came instantly to complete them (less than 24 hours). When we arrived in our house everything was clean, appliances all worked, and the house was in great condition. Due to our experience with Elkins and our love for the property, we have all resigned the lease for the next school year. Looking forward to another year with an amazing property rental company!

Sam Z. via Google on 04/26/2022

A delight to work with…

Elkins has an amazing office staff member by the name of Austin. He has been such a delight to work with always making sure everything is going well within my unit and answering any and all my question when ever i need some assistance. Truly couldn’t recommend a better representative.

Miranda D. via Google on 02/18/2022

Extremely helpful…went above and beyond.

Was extremely helpful in finding me a place, couldn’t recommend more. Austin was extremely professional and went above and beyond in helping me get situated!! These guys rock

Connor L. via Google on 08/14/2021

Nothing but good things…

Nothing but good things to say about this place. The rental was extremely clean when we moved in. The maintenance guy was always there to fix anything in a timely fashion. Definitely recommend Elkins for any student renting in Bloomington.

Marni V via Google on 09/12/2019

Loved Elkins!

Loved Elkins! The house was clean and all appliances worked well. They were very attentive to renter needs and always replied quickly.

Maddie H. via Google on 09/17/2018

Impressed by the professionalism….

Hello. I wanted to give positive feedback and say my dryer is working perfectly fine again! Work all done while I wasn’t there and the workers did a great job on fixing the issue while keeping the apartment intact and left a note saying they had stopped by. Impressed by the professionalism.


Jake L. via Unsolicited Email from a Work Order on 09/17/2018

…Nothing but nice…

Thanks so much- that would be great! Every time my roommates or myself have reached out Elkins you guys have been nothing but nice and helpful and we really appreciate!

Sierra S. via Email on 07/17/2018

Made my senior year a great experience!

Elkins Apartments made my senior year a great experience! My 3 roommates and I rented a beautiful home on Highland Avenue and enjoyed every memory made there. Elkins always responded to every need in a timely matter and was eager to help us with any questions that we had! I highly recommend them for renting in Bloomington!

Ariel S. via Google Reviews on 02/07/2018

Actually listen to feedback. Would recommend.

Nice facilities, good customer service, and actually listen to feedback. Would recommend.

Xavier M. via Google Reviews on 05/28/2017

Perfect Location. Got our full deposit back. Amazing!

Great house with casual wear n tear, but that is typical of the older properties on the south side of campus. Rented out 501 S. Fess and it was a perfect location. We had a few minor issues with maintenance, but other than that it was a great service and cozy home. We even got our full security deposit back. That’s amazing. Thanks for helping me close out my senior year.

Erika J. via Google Reviews

Some of the best deals in town

I lived with Elkins for three years during my time as a student at IU. They were always very helpful with any issues I had and acted in a very friendly and professional manner. Compared to some of the other property companies I lived with, their rental prices are some of the best deals in town.

Tom R. via Google on 09/01/2017

From Japan to Indiana, best apartment we’ve lived in…

Fantastic apartment landlords! Elkins Apartments (specifically Hillside Dr.) were the best apartment that we’ve lived out so far. From Japan to Maryland to Indiana, Elkins always went out of their way to assist us (apartment search and maintenance) that I’m kind of bummed to be leaving. The office staff were always kind and friendly to my wife and I.  The property was pretty sweet and given the price it made it all the sweeter Best part is that it was near Bryan Park and only a 5 minutes away from campus. If your looking for a great apartment definitely check out Elkins!

Andrew H. via Google Reviews on 08/12/2017

Abided by our shoe cover rules!

The office staff were always kind and friendly to my wife and I. When they would come to check on the apartments or show the apartments, they were always courteous and abided by our shoe cover rules. The maintenance staff was also on point. Our water heater blew and ended up soaking our carpet. They maintenance staff showed up in 10 minutes and over the next day, fixed the water heater, replaced carpet, dried out the apartment, and replaced anything that might be damaged.

Google User via Google Reviews

Ease of dealing with the property managers

Living in my place again for senior year after the ease of dealing with the property managers. If we ever feel like we are being wronged we just bring it up in a civil way and it’s always resolved. Have worked directly with the owner and he’s always making sure we’re satisfied with our place!

The perfect place to call home…

My apartment is beautiful and the perfect place to call home. Not to mention the prompt responses to the few concerns and issues I had with the apartment made me feel really good about where I am living.

Katelynn W. via Google Reviews on 11/04/2017

Responsive and friendly staff

Lived in the townhouse off Parkridge with my roommates for a year. I had a great experience while staying here. Responsive and friendly staff, flexible and understanding. I’d recommend staying here to anyone.

Matthew P. via Google Reviews on 02/10/2018

Not having parents around when things go wrong isn’t so daunting….

Thank you so much for responding to our maintenance requests in such a timely manner! Not having our parents around when things go wrong isn’t so daunting when we have you and your great team to help us out. We really appreciate all the work you’ve done for us since we’ve moved in!

Phoebe H. via Email on 03/23/2018