Do you have a problem that you would like our maintenance staff to look at? We can’t fix a problem we don’t know about or understand. How can we help?

Only use this form for NON-EMERGENCIES. Emergencies should be reported to the main office at 812.339.2859.

During non-business hours, you can reach our emergency call group through this number as well.

If you cannot reach us for an emergency during non-business hours, BE SURE TO leave a message on the emergency voice mailbox as it will be distributed to everyone on the list.

Examples of emergency service include:

  • no heat
  • broken water pipe
  • gas leaks (contact Vectren at 1-800-227-1376 immediately from a neighbor’s phone or from a cell phone used OUTSIDE the apartment)
  • any other condition which affects life, safety or is necessary to preserve the condition of the apartment

A clogged toilet, when you have more than one, is NOT an emergency. Please see What is an emergency, and what ISN’T?

Before submitting a maintenance request, you might review our list of common problems and solutions in the FAQs in order to avoid unnecessary call outs (and perhaps feeling silly when the solution is simple!).

By submitting a maintenance request, you acknowledge that personnel associated with or contracted by Elkins Apartments may enter your residence at any time in order to attempt to correct the reported problem. We will make every effort to coordinate our repair efforts with you; however, depending on the nature of the problem and availability of maintenance personnel, it may not be possible to perform the work at your convenience. We will do our best to respond to your concern rapidly, professionally, and in a manner convenient to you. Thank you.

By submitting an inquiry, you are providing us with permission to respond to that inquiry. Opting in to promotional and/or tenant messages grants Elkins Apartments permission to send additional information at any time, through whatever channel we elect to use, including email, email campaigns, and telephone, until such time as you elect to opt-out of any or all messaging.

We HATE spam too. We will not sell your email to others and we will immediately respect your wishes to unsubscribe from any or all of our messaging except those required as part of a continued business relationship.

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