Apartment Grilling Rules: Can I grill at my rental house, townhouse, or apartment?

Posted on September 4, 2014

Apartment Grilling Rules 101: Can I use a grill at my apartment, house or townhouse?

Generally, yes. BUT there are some important restrictions and apartment grilling rules!

Don’t blow it or it could cost your a lot more than your deposit (and a burnt meal!).

“It only takes one person to violate the Fire Code, but many will deal with the consequences because fire knows no boundaries, as shown in the Dupont Lakes apartment complex where 33 families were affected by one charcoal grill.”–Ft Wayne Fire Department, regarding fire caused by tenant grill use

Stay More the 10 Feet Away

By Indiana Fire Code, open-flame and gas grills and other cooking devices must be located no less than 10 feet away from combustible construction.

“But I was getting wet”–yeah, that’s probably what one of our tenant’s a few years ago when they put a grill right up against the house on our front deck. Well… they stayed dry for a while, but melted the siding of the house and were lucky they didn’t set the whole place on fire. They were responsible for replacing ALL the siding. Not good.

Be Neighborly–Keep the smoke and smell to thyself!

So you’ve avoided mass destruction. Awesome. Now let’s avoid annoying the neighbors. You may like the smell of flesh sizzling on the grill, but your neighbors may not like it, or the smoke that can come along with a good grilling!

Please try to be mindful of this and locate your grill in a place so smoke and smell do not go directly into a neighbors house or gathering. Just be mindful of where your smoke and smell may be going because while you certainly have the right to enjoy a good plate of grilled veggies (or shrimp, or steak–okay, now I’m hungry), you do not have the right to impose said aromas and smoke on your neighbors. Right?!

And while you are at it, you can always offer to share. Now that’s neighborly!

Renter’s Insurance?

You should consider renter’s insurance for your belonging’s and the home if an accident were to occur, grilling or otherwise!

So, yes, enjoy some grilling during good weather, but please follow these apartment grilling rules: never put the grill on or under the porches or decks or up next to the buildings when in use. And, of course, be courteous to your neighbors.

And here’s a little infographic advice from NFPA and FEMA:


Grill safety. Click for a larger PDF. Grilling is awesome, but grilling unsafely and where you shouldn’t, and “burning down the house”–not so much.