Are cable or internet provided?

Posted on August 18, 2015

cable and internet connections

Are cable and internet included in my lease? No, cable and internet are not included in your lease. Yes, you can and should have them installed asap as it gets very busy this time of year, and you don’t want to be without your internet and tv!

Cable and internet are not a part of your lease. Unlike large, one size fits all, humongous dorm-like housing complexes, most of our Bloomington rentals are detached houses for rent (we also have several 1-5 bedroom townhome and apartment complexes, if a home isn’t your style).¬†You get to choose who provides your cable and internet service, and whether you sign up at all.

Sometimes we have a specific contact for Comcast and that person often has better deals available than the general public can get just by calling in. However, this contact seems to change yearly (or more frequently). When we know who it is, we include it in our email that goes our about 1 month before move-in.

Please note, new installations must use existing wire. New wiring, holes in the wall, cables dangling on the sides of the buildings, etc may not occur without prior written permission from the office.

We do not provide any support for cable or internet. Your service and any service issues are between you and the provider. However, we want to know if you are having issues and they are not being resolved or if the provider to pass the buck by blaming wiring, etc. We will help you if we can. One of our owners happens to have been a tech coordinator for schools, worked in IU network services, and runs a tech company. He’s usually happy to provide his $.02.