Can I bring a pet?

Posted on January 19, 2011

We love pets too, so, sometimes, yes, you may have a pet BUT YOU MUST HAVE PRIOR WRITTEN PERMISSION for each and every pet.

Most of our places do not allow pets. However, we allow pets for a few places with prior approval. We do not allow pets in other places. We allow only certain types of pets at certain locations. For those locations that allow pets, you must submit an application to have the pet and have that application approved PRIOR to having the pet on the premises. Any violation of this is a violation of the terms of your leasing agreement.

A pet application, added to a lease agreement, is called a pet addendum. Pet addendum are non-transferrable. They cannot be applied to another pet nor to another tenant. Pet addenda, once accepted and added to a lease agreement, are for the entire lease term regardless of how long you may keep you pet(s).

We do not allow pets that are on any form of dangerous/violent/aggressive animal lists.

We charge a monthly fee for having a pet.

We require an additional security deposit for pets.

If we revoke your right to have a pet or if you never had permission in the first place and we find one on your premises, then you must immediately remove your pet.

We’d hate to have anything happen to Fluffy so please get permission first.

Some references from your agreements

(these may not be up to date, please check your own lease and policies and procedures)

Lease Clause

25. Pet Policy. Tenant agrees that NO PETS ARE ALLOWED unless both Landlord and Tenant have executed a Pet Lease Addendum. Pets include but are not limited to dogs, cats, birds, and reptiles (fish are permitted). Pets cannot visit or be kept for vacationing friends or relatives. Landlord reserves the right to assess a Three Hundred Dollar ($300.00) fee per pet per incident for violation of this policy and to assess an additional fee of Fifty Dollars ($50) PER PET PER DAY, for each day beyond 5 days after notification of Tenant by Landlord of the violation, and continuing until such time as the tenant rectifies the Pet Policy violation by removal of the pet or, at the Landlord’s sole discretion, through execution of a Pet Lease Addendum. Assessment of such fees does not constitute an agreement to allow a pet.

Policies and Procedures (incorporated into the lease)

1. NO PETS SHALL BE PERMITTED ON THE PROPERTY AT ANY TIME without prior WRITTEN permission from Elkins Apartments. When written permission is provided, pets are subject to a pet fee and additional rents will be charged. Allowing a pet to be on the property shall be considered a material breach of the lease and grounds for eviction. You will be fined $300.00 in addition to applicable pet fees and the animal must be removed immediately.

Please note that any animal shall be considered an unauthorized animal and a “Pet” per the terms and conditions of the lease. In respect to HUD and FHA requests for accommodations for disabilities, an animal will be considered a “Pet” or unauthorized animal under the terms of the lease until such time as a Tenant submits and is approved for an Elkins Apartments reasonable accommodation under Federal Law for a ‘service animal’ as defined by law. Additional exceptions may be made for an Emotional Support Animal, again, with prior application and approval. Any remedies imposed on the tenant as a result of violating the lease agreement by bringing an animal into the residence without prior approval are subject to removal or, in the case of eviction proceedings, revocation, solely at the discretion of Elkins Apartments.