Can I check my account balance online?

Posted on June 16, 2015

Yes! You can check your Elkins Apartments account balance online through the EA Account Management Portal. Just go to and login. You will need to use the email address you have on file with us.

elkins apartments online account managment screen shot

Now you can access your Elkins Apartments payment and charge history online, make an electronic checking payment, and submit and track work orders. Manage all your Bloomington apartment or rental home transitions from your desktop or mobile device.

You can review your charge and payment history, make a payment, submit a work order, and more.

Note that our system was transitioned in November of 2015. Therefore ledger history prior to that date is listed solely as “Prior Balance.” You may request the previous ledger by sending us a note directly via email or through the account management system.

For IU students, many of you provide accounts but then try to use the different subdomain email server accounts. So if you have trouble with matching on one of them, try the other.

Issues? Send us a note.