Can my roommates and I make individual payments, or do we have to pay in one lump sum?

Posted on July 1, 2015

Yes. Although you are jointly and severally liable for your lease, you may, in most cases, make separate payments.

Many property management companies insist you pay your full installments in one check and work out your payments among yourselves. Not Elkins Apartments. We want to help. So, we allow you to make separate payments on your account.

Some important things to keep in mind if you choose to make individual payments:

  • ANY amount due on your account is due from all of you, regardless of who has paid to date.
  • It is solely your group’s responsibility to determine who owes what among yourselves.
  • You should make someone responsible for keeping a record each month of who paid what.
  • We will always do our best to try to help you sort it out if you run into problems.
  • We record the payments received and who each is from.
  • Your tenant portal can be very useful for determining what your balance is, and who has paid what, and when.
  • Even if you have “paid your share,” you will receive late notices and be obligated for any amount not paid by anyone else in your place.
  • If your account is delinquent, it does not matter if only 1 person or 5 caused the delinquency, your delinquent account charge will be $4 * the NUMBER OF PEOPLE ON THE LEASE * THE NUMBER OF DAYS LATE. This is additional rent for any unit that fails to maintain good standing. So a 5 person lease, at 6 days late would be 5*6*$4 or $120 and continues for everyday that an account fails to be in good standing.
  • Some of the thorniest customer relationship issues we encounter, and some of the most confusing ledger issues, revolve around trying to help you figure out who owes what. This can be frustrating to you and we ask that you keep in mind that these issues are solely related to being allowed to pay individually.
  • We provide a ledger review services to help sort out who owes what, and the first one’s free! But again, its up to you to try to keep it straight. The system is simple and industry standard, but things get wonky when tenants make lots of payments for different amounts. That’s NOT an issue with how we, or the system, accounts, but rather with how myriad payments are made among yourselves.
  • If it becomes a problem, and causes bad will between you and us, we may insist you pay monthly in a single lump sum; however, we prefer to provide the service of allowing you each to pay individually.

Even if you pay individually, you remain co- and several liable for the apartment and all obligations under the lease.