How do I change my mailing/permanent address or my designated notice address?

Posted on May 16, 2019

How to change mailing addresses? Depends on which mailing address. Yours or the TDNA!

Changing personal tenant contact information – easy on the portal!

So, you noticed your personal home/permanent mailing address is not quite right in your portal. You’d like to fix it. How? If it is only your contact information you want to be perfect in the portal, you can easily update that yourself using your account login information. Just login and change it.

Changing the Tenant’s Designated Notice Address – MUST use TDNA Form

HOWEVER, if you are wanting to change the “Tenant’s Designated Notice Address” (TDNA) that is incorporated in the lease, the ONLY way to do this is to print and fill out, everyone sign, and submit our change of Designated Notice Address form and for us to approve it!

The TDNA is a legal address of notice, agreed to by all parties signed on to a lease. In order to change it, all parties to the lease must sign a form indicating they agree to the new address.

  • You CANNOT change the TDNA via an email
  • You CANNOT change it with a call.
  • You CANNOT change it with a snail mail.

If you sent in such a notice in a form that isn’t, well, the Change in TDNA form, then it will be considered invalid.

We know this may seem harsh for a “simple” change of address. However, this protects everyone so that no one person can say “hey, I want the notices, oh, and the security deposit, sent to me at XYZ” and no one else knows or expects it.

Similarly, choosing or changing the legal designate, requires everyone to agree… to be on the same page… about the change since it changes a part of the original lease and all parties need to agree to it.