Deleting an Auto ePayment

Posted on August 2, 2014

Deleting an auto ePayment that you set up is very easy to do from your portal account.

So, you set up an auto-payment to pay your rent, great idea! Way to avoid those late fees!

…But now you want to change or cancel the auto ePayment, how do you do that? Easy…

  1. Login to your portal account
  2. Choose your lease from My Rentals (only necessary if you have more than one lease, for example a terminated lease and an active one). If you have only one, just rollover the My Payments menu item and choose “View Scheduled Payments”
  3. Click the View Scheduled Payments buttonDelete Auto ePayment View Payments Page
  4. Click the Trash Can icon next to the One Time or Recurring Payment you wish to cancelDelete Auto ePayment click trash can by payment


Note, you cannot edit a recurring payment. To CHANGE one, just delete it and re-create it.