My dishwasher won’t drain/has water in the bottom of it?

Posted on October 18, 2017

Dishwashers not draining are a common rental home or apartment problem. First thing to check? Is the kitchen sink draining?

The kitchen sink and the drain filter. That’s where to start…. and they are both easy do it yourself items AND if they are the issue, you can save money on a service call because they are both generally resident regular home care for which you are responsible. Easy things anyone living in a home should be able to take a pass on troubleshooting. Let’s take a look!

Is the kitchen sink draining?

The dishwasher drain actually connects to the garbage disposal in most installations. It plugs right into it. So if your garbage disposal isn’t working or the sink is draining slowly, that’s the first thing to check.

We have a great FAQ all about garbage disposals as well as the kitchen sink.

How to unclog the kitchen sink

How to Fix Your Garbage Disposal

Sink is draining. Let’s check out the Dishwasher, especially the air gap and the drain filter.

Some dishwashers have a very clearly accessible filter in the bottom. If yours have one, remove it and see what gunk is in it. It may be clogged. This is also the biggest source of “my dishwasher stinks.”

Most other dishwasher draining issues are House 201, so a little more advanced.

When in doubt, call us!

But if you are brave, curious, or just bored, here are a few videos that might get you going:

Mind the (Air) Gap — Most Bloomington homes and apartments don’t have these

Check the Drain Line to the Garbage Disposal– USE A BUCKET!

(and don’t do this if your sink is full of water… Don’t, just DON’T)

Whirlpool Dishwashers filters–and similar one’s with built in grinders

You can search for “BRAND dishwasher not draining” on Google or Youtube (where BRAND is your brand of dishwasher….) and find specifics, or just submit a work order on the portal!