Can I have the outgoing tenants leave furniture or other stuff for us?

Posted on May 7, 2018

We are moving into a unit and would like to have the previous tenants leave stuff for us. Can we do this?

Whether you are buying, begging, selling, or giving, you CANNOT leave anything in a home for the next tenants without getting explicit approval from Elkins Apartments to do so. Just telling us is not enough, and we have to approve it.

Why do I have to get approval in advance to leave stuff for the next tenants?

There is a purposeful and important gap between tenant groups. You have to get approval because the 10 days or so in between tenants does not belong to either group, and is an important and very short time, and is our only opportunity to turn the place over, get it fixed up, and make sure its ready for the new folks who want to move in.

Also, lots of bad things can, and have, happened when people leave stuff for other people.

Folks leaving things for other folks is a giant hassle for everyone and creates many many opportunities for issues to arise.

Some of the things we have seen happen include:

  • Things stay in the unit that the incoming tenants did not intend to stay. Think: Giant piles of junk in several rooms, all labeled “hold for next tenant.”
  • Things don’t stay that they wanted to stay.
  • The unit doesn’t get cleaned as well as we normally would because it is not the cleaners, the painters, the carpet cleaners, nor maintenance’s job to work around stuff left behind.

How do I Request Permission to Holdover Furniture or other Belonging?

Okay, so it may cause problems, but you still would like to do it, because its a fine fine futon, and you really like the old tenants’ collection of Pizza X cups…. so how do you request it?

We have a electronic signature document for that. First, send a note to the office with:

  • where you will be living,
  • a short description of the situation, specifically describing the stuff to be left
  • a primary contact for the outgoing tenants (those who would be leaving the stuff)
  • a primary contact for the incoming ones (those wishing it to be left–likely the requestor)

Or simply use this handy Furniture Holdover Initial Request Form.

Once received, we will evaluate the reasonableness of the request, and, if reasonable, then send out the electronic Furniture Holdover Agreement. You then all sign the form, acknowledging the request and its terms and conditions. Finally, it would then be reviewed by the Property Manager, and, if approved, executed, and you would receive a final copy along with any additional instructions.

Incomplete requests may not be considered.

Is there a Cost to Holdover Furniture?

Yes. Because leaving furniture at a property is a non-standard procedure that creates additional burden, there is an administrative fee charged to the incoming tenants. This fee is several hundred dollars. Additionally, the requestors acknowledge that all sorts of inconveniences and issues may arise as a result of their desire to holdover furtniture, and as such you will work cooperatively with us regarding your move-in and any approved furniture arrangements.

Can you have previous tenants leave furniture and stuff? Yes, if you complete a Furniture Holdover Request. But if they leave a mess that you did not intend, then it is solely up to you to clean it up. The above probably wasn’t what you meant when you agreed to take possession of the previous tenants’ dishes!