Thanksgiving Pre-Departure Checklist for your Apartment or House for Rent from Elkins Apartments

Posted on November 19, 2015

'Eat Ham' Turkey

Are you leaving Bloomington for Thanksgiving? Elkins Apartments has a pre-departure checklist for your rental house, apartment, or townhouse!

We hope you have a fabulous, restful, not too filling, tastes great, kind of turkey day! Some tips to avoid major headaches at your home…


Pre-Thanksgiving Departure Checklist

1. Turn heat on.

Check to make sure that the heat is on!! Heat may be turned down to 65 degrees to conserve heating costs but Do NOT turn the heat off or your pipes may freeze and burst which can damage your residence or the property.checkmark Also, leave the cabinet doors in your bathrooms and kitchen open so that heat may circulate around your pipes.

2. Drop off/Submit your Renters Insurance

You are required to have renters insurance. It’s a very good thing to have! It covers damage to your stuff in the event of something bad happening, AND it covers liability damage to our home if something happens to it while it is in your care. Like you not turning the heat on, and the pipes breaking: see #1 above!

3. Dump the Trash. Put away “Trash Bins”

Throw all trash in and around your apartment into the dumpsters, or according to the city schedule if you have curbside service. Rodents and bugs love your leftovers, and you don’t want unwanted houseguests when you return. AND put your city provided trash bins away. Don’t leave them out. The city will charge you, we may have to move them, we will charge you. Just do it, right?!

4. Secure your pad.

Bloomington has increased break-ins and other problems during traditional student breaks. Secure all of your windows and doors. Hide, lock up, or take your valuables. You might also want to leave a light on in your apartment and you might have someone check your place a few times while you are gone. Notify newspaper carriers to hold newspapers and the post office to hold all your mail until you return from vacation. BONUS: Have an ELECTRONIC LOCK from us? Be sure its battery isn’t getting low.. because coming home to a dead lock, and not be able to get in, would be no fun.

5. Get to Zero.

Make sure all accounts are current. No fun to come back to big late fees!

6. Renew your lease.

Seriously, what are you waiting for. Less stress dudes and dudettes! And people are way way WAY early this year. We only have a few places left, so act now! Do it virtually if need be. We are past the period where you get a first shot at refusing, so if you wait, you may very well be moving–even if you don’t want too–and we never want that to happen…but it does!

7. Have someone CHECK your place.

If you will be gone for any period of time, you need to have someone check your place periodically. Bad things can happen quickly, and you want to know everything is okay. Return trip, friends, family, hire a cleaning co? whatever it takes. You don’t want to find out that the heat went out, pipes froze, and you return to a very expensive mess, right?

Thanksgiving Office Hours

We will have regular hours M-W and will be closed Thursday and Friday. Consult the emergency procedures listed on your policies and procedures sheet with any emergency issues. All other business will resume as usual the Monday after the Thanksgiving break.

Follow these steps, otherwise you could end up mighty unhappy, like the disgruntled dude above… who in our opinion is not nearly as cute as the cows… Eat Mor Toorkee!

Staying home? We don’t yet have a checklist for that but…

Don’t burn the place down.

Start early, turkey takes a REALLY long time to cook.

And check out this great turkey recipe from the folks at the Food Network.

Thank you for being an Elkins Apartments Resident.

We know you have choices when it comes to your Bloomington apartments, townhouse, and houses for rent, and we very much appreciate you choose to stay with us in and around the Indiana University campus.

Don’t hesitate to let us know what we can do to help you!


turkey can run but it cannot hide 1000px

The turkey can run, but it cannot hide. Elkins Apartments has the above apartment and rental home Thanksgiving vacation checklist so you can avoid your own turkey day disaster.

PS. “Get your hands off my gibblets…