How do I make a maintenance request?

Posted on January 20, 2011

Uh oh. Something go wrong? We have lots of ways to let us know.

Request normal maintenance online ( or by calling the office at 812.339.2859.

Your portal is the preferred way to submit a maintenance request (except for emergencies) because you get a clear electronic trail on the work order and can review it any time in your portal. In the event the office is closed and for some reason you cannot access your portal, please call or email a message with your name, the address, the unit number, and a detailed description of the problem. These messages are periodically reviewed during non-business hours.

Remember: Do not use email or the general phone system for emergencies. Similarly, do not use the emergency extension for non-emergencies.

Unless the problem is an afterhours emergency, please do not contact a repair person directly before approval from the office. If you choose to contact a repair person directly, you may be responsible for any associated costs even if the repair is something that we would normally cover.

Hopefully you never have a problem, but if you do, let us know and we’ll make it right!