I’m a sublessee, can I access the account management portal?

Posted on January 18, 2016

No, if you are subletting an Elkins Apartments place from someone, you cannot access the tenant portal. The tenant portal is only accessible to individuals who are “named on the lease.” But read on…

We are happy to help you sort out your account access and financial obligations for your place. However, initially only tenants named on the original lease have access to the tenant portal. A sublessee (“subtenant”) is not “named on the lease” as one of the original “Tenant(s.” And, the primary contractual relationship on the sublease is between you, the subtenant, and the person who subletted the place to you, the sublessor.

As a result, the original tenants named on the lease may not desire another person to see the financial history for the account, a situation heightened if the account happens to be among multiple leasemates sharing a co- and severally liable account. Or, they may not care. In either case, we do not provide portal access third-parties that are not tenants on the original lease.

However, you have some options:

Setting up Electronic Payments when you are a Subtenant and do not have Portal Access

If you are only wanting to be able to make electronic payments, we have a form for that. It has a lot of flexibility and can be set up usually within hours.

Getting Permission to Access the Portal as a Subtenant

You can also be provided full access to the portal if you get written permission from all the original lessees.

We are happy to help you in anyway that we can. Our goal is to protect the privacy and rights of all our tenants, lessees and sublessees alike. Let us know how we can help!