Leaks, Floods. Hear water? See water? Turn off the water! Learn how now!

Posted on January 21, 2019

Water flooding somewhere? Hear water? See water? Turn off the water! Then call.

Oh no! Do you hear water somewhere but can’t figure it out? See water flooding somewhere?

Shut off the water to the whole house.

When in doubt, turn the water off to the whole home.

There is usually a shutoff in the utility closet (where the water heater and hvac are). If not, you may have to do this at your water meter pit.

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If you can identify that the water is coming from a specific water appliance, like a faucet or toilet, you may be able to turn the water off to just that appliance. Most have a knob. Toilets usually on the floor beside them, and faucets under the counter.

Did the water stop flowing after you shut off the water to the whole house?

If not, it’s not coming from your water system OR you didn’t turn it off even though you thought you did.

Then call the office.

812.339.2859. If it’s after hours, choose the emergency extension. If no one immediately answers, leave a message. It will go to multiple people and someone will reach out ASAP.

Next steps: Start Cleaning Up

Start cleaning up. Water sitting around will damage your stuff and the home. Towels, wet vacs, do what you can to mitigate the damage.

Isolate the Leak

If the water stopped when you shut it off to the whole house, then if you are able to determine that a specific appliance (toilet, faucet, etc), then you MAY be able to shut it off with its own isolated turn off, and CAREFULLY turn the rest of the water back on and see if anything else leaks. This would allow you to continue to use water in the rest of the home.

Remember, you are responsible for the home while it is in your possession. Failing to take active steps to stop the flood, and clean it up, is not doing your due diligence to mitigate the damage.

And also remember… YOU can prevent weather related frozen pipes and floods by taking a few simple steps to protect your pipes.