How do I best avoid a burglary?

Posted on January 20, 2011

Before you leave for the holidays, Bloomington police offer the following eight tips to help keep your valuables safe at home while you’re gone.

    1. Check that all windows and doors are locked.
    2. Have newspapers and mail held, as a pile of newspapers is a definite indication that no one is home.
    3. Ask someone to shovel snow in the driveway and on the sidewalk.
    4. Consider a timer for lights and a television or radio.
    5. Keep trees and shrubs trimmed.
    6. Set an alarm, if applicable.
    7. Use the buddy system and ask neighbors or friends to check on the home while you’re gone.
    8. Ask for extra patrols. Bloomington police keep an extra patrol log book. Officers on all three shifts attempt to drive by each home listed in the book as well as walk around the home to make sure it is secured.

To these, we would add the following regarding fire prevention:

    1. Test smoke alarms before leaving, change battery if necessary (these should be checked monthly too just to be safe).
    2. Do not leave Christmas trees unattended. Definitely appropriately dispose of the tree before you leave. The Salvation Army or another organization may take them and you may be able to leave it curbside if on city pickup (check first or the city may fine you).

For more on preventing fires, see our Fire Prevention FAQ.