How do I get proof of residency for a Bloomington City Neighborhood Parking Pass?

Posted on August 12, 2022

Here’s the 411 on where you need a Neighborhood Parking Permit and how to obtain proof of residency. Hint: DO NOT provide a copy of your lease!

Most areas where we have homes around Bloomington and the IU Campus REQUIRE neighborhood parking passes to be able to park on the street. That is… no, you cannot just park on the street anytime you want. Unless… you have a permit! Enforcement is not 24×7 in most locations, but see below for more. The key thing: if you live in a home around Bloomington, you probably qualify for a city neighborhood parking permit, and you will need one to park on the street in your neighborhood. And to get one… you will need proof of residency… and we are here to help!

How do I get proof of residency for a Bloomington City Neighborhood Parking Pass?

Easy! We have a letter for that that we will generate and send to you. All you need to do is send us a note using the below form, or just sending us an email with your name and the address of the home you are living in. The city may ask for a copy of your lease. That is just one form of proof of residency and we do not allow for residents sharing their lease. It contains a lot more about you and your roommates than you really need to provide them. Instead… handy dandy letter!


Easy peasy! Please note, we will also confirm whether you are eligible, as most townhomes, apartments, and similar units are specifically not allowed to have Neighborhood Parking Passes.


What are the Neighborhood Zones?

So City Neighborhood Parking Passes are specific to “Zones” — you cannot use one to park in a different zone, so if you have one for your place, do not assume all is well if you go park at a friends (unless they happen to be in the same “Zone”). See the below map for where Zones are. Also, be mindful of the street signage. ALL Zoned areas have lots of signage explaining hours, which zone, etc.

Bloomington Neighborhood Parking Zone Map 2022-03-01

When (and where) is neighborhood street parking enforced?

Neighborhood parking is ONLY enforced in the zones (see the map, or check with the city to be ABSOLUTELY sure… your decision to park somewhere is… your decision… please be sure you park where and when you are allowed to do so). Parking enforcement is sometimes limited in hours. Please verify the latest information from the City website but as of this writing (August 2022) the following are the hours:

All zones shall be in effect from eight a.m. to five p.m. Monday through Friday. Additionally, from August 15 through May 15, Zone 6 shall be in continuous effect from eight a.m. Thursday until eight a.m. Sunday

Zone 6, for those wondering, is the zone closest to the stadium, and is bordered roughly by 14th street, 17th, Walnut and Woodlawn.

Everything else you ever wanted to know about Neighborhood Parking

(just not in a terribly user friendly form)