What can I do to save money on air conditioning (AC)?

Posted on September 5, 2017

Bloomington, Indiana. Summer. Hot. Humid.  When temps rise, so do your apartment or rental house energy bills. What can you do to save a few (dollars, that is!)?

4 Energy Savings Tips from Duke Energy. Bloomington, Indiana. Summertime. AC is almost a requirement with our heat and especially humidity. How can you save some hard cash while staying cool?

Set your AC to at least 78.

According to one article in the New York Times, every degree below 78 raises energy use by 6%! Other estimates suggest that each degree you raise the setting, saves 3%. 3%, 6%? Either way, that’s a significant savings….

Change your filters monthly.

Dirty filters make the AC unit work harder=more energy use!

Use stand-alone or ceiling fans.

Fans help you feel cooler as well as circulate cool air from the AC.

Close blinds or curtains.

Blocking the sun, especially on south and west sides of the home can really help lower energy use by reducing radiated heat from entering your home. Bonus, curtains in a home in the winter can block drafts and cold air radiating from windows too!

Here are some more tips from the Department of Energy. Stay cool my friends….