How do I get a scooter removed from my place?

Posted on January 3, 2019

Did you “find” a scooter in your yard, driveway, parking lot or somewhere else? Want it gone? Call the company, and possibly the city.

Scooters may be useful, cost-effective, even fun, but not so much when they turn up in places you don’t want them to be….

So, we called the City of Bloomington (rules are at this location too!) to find the 411 about scooter removal. They will help by passing along a message, but they also said to call the companies themselves because the scooters should not be left on private property, like at your home, or in the parking lot of your place, or anywhere else that causes a disruption…

So first, determine which scooter company you are dealing with, Bird or Lime, then call one of the numbers below to report the issue and have it remove.

Lime – 888.546.3345 – hit 0 for customer service – note, I was on hold several minutes, then customer service took the address and said would send someone out
Bird – 866.205.2442 – haven’t tried this yet!

Please don’t toss them in the dumpster, they can start a fire. And please don’t make it someone else’s problem by dropping it in someone else’s yard or driveway, though you can park it in any public location that doesn’t create problems.