What is Telko, Inc. on my bank statement?

Posted on April 3, 2018

What’s Telko? Why is Telko, Inc. showing up on my bank statement or why do I have a transaction in my online account that refers to Telko, Inc. in Bloomington, IN?

That’s easy! So, one of Elkins Apartments’ operating companies is named Telko, Inc. Telko, Inc. is often the holder of the account that handles tenant payments, especially ACH ones through our portal.

As a result, the transaction is Telko, Inc. dba Elkins Apartments, or something similar. However, this is often truncated by your banks reports, and you’ll only see something like Telko Inc d Electronic Debit, or something similar.

Rest assured, if you see a credit or debit on your bank statement and it says Telko, it should be related to your account with Elkins Apartments.

If you don’t recognize the transaction, give us a call. Remember, ALL transactions handled by our portal are set up by the users. With a very few exceptions related to a handful of parents, we do not setup accounts or initiate transactions.

However, we are happy to help explore why one of our transactions ended up on your account if you don’t recognize it. But… did you ask your children? Sometimes Little Davey sets one up and doesn’t let mom or dad know about it.

Its happened… more than once!

So, again, Telko, Inc. is Elkins Apartments and Elkins Management and Development. If you are leasing a home or apartment, or a vacation rental, with us, and initiated an electronic transaction, there’s a good chance it will show up as Telko, Inc. on your statement.