What’s up with trash and recycle bins? They are your responsibility.

Posted on August 19, 2018

Trash bins and recycle bins are provided by the city and are your responsibility

First up: Please remember that Elkins Apartments is not involved with or responsible for these trash carts (or fines you may get by not handling them correctly). We know the process can be challenging at first, or downright frustrating, and we definitely want your time with us to go smoothly, so we are creating this FAQ as well as sending reminders to try to help, and, as always, let us know if there is anything we can do to help…

Many of you may already know the city has provided you with trash and recycle bins for your unit. These are usually associated with your water bill (from the City of Bloomington Utilities-CBU).

Everyone who has a water bill, and some people who don’t, from CBU gets sanitation services (trash and recycling) through their utility account.

Not sure? Its easy to check. Go to MyBloomington and type your address. It will tell when your trash pickup is if you have the services.

Do I have trash bins? When’s my pickup day? This and more at MyBloomington. And don’t forget the Trash Bin FAQ.

These bins are yours to use and to take care of

There may be a few bumps at the beginning of the school year, but wanted to get a note out to everyone that there should have been bins at your unit and to let you know that, yes, indeed, you do have them, and that you need to be sure to take them out on your scheduled trash day [click the link, type your address] and to bring them in after the trash has been picked up, as the city can also fine you for not keeping them off the streets… different department of course! And if the cans wander off, they will charge for them…


TRASH CARTS MUST BE KEPT NEATLY ON THE SIDE OR REAR OF THE HOUSE or at a location approved by Elkins Apartments.

They may not be kept on the front of the home/unit, in flower beds, or other areas clearly visible from the primary street.

You may be charged a fine of no less than $50 per day for violation, by us, by the city, OR BOTH. NOTE, if WE send someone to pick up after you, the charge for that will start at $100, and is in addition to any fines.


The pickup schedule is in there too, so you can rock and roll your recyclables (and trash) in the new school year!

Some tidbits from the city. Remember, these rules (and fines) ARE NOT ONLY FROM US. We know its not cool to get fined for things, and it can be significant, and a frustration, but please try to remember that we don’t have anything to do with these fancy ‘carts,’ or any fines or problems that may follow them, although the city will often send the fine to us to pass along to you since the department that issues the fines isn’t the same as the one that provided the carts and so they don’t have your contact information (go figure).

Placement of Carts for PICKUP

The placement of the carts is very important. 

  • Carts must be placed at the curb by 5:00 a.m. on your day of pickup in order to guarantee service***
  • Carts must be 4 feet away from any obstacles, including mailboxes, other carts, overhead wires, trees, etc.
  • Carts must also be 10 feet away from vehicles
  • All cart lids need to be fully closed.
  • Failure to comply with these guidelines could result in a missed pickup!

***Please note: after pickup, carts must be removed from the curb on the same day of pickup or fines may be issued.

Non-Collection Notices

In the event that City Sanitation crews do not collect your trash or recycling, a non-collection notice will be left explaining the problem.  To ensure collection of your trash and recycling, please follow these guidelines:

  • Set carts near the street
  • Point front of carts toward the street
  • Set carts 4 feet apart, 4 feet away from other objects and 10 feet away from vehicles
  • Close lids completely
  • Bag all solid waste
  • Do NOT bag recyclable materials
  • Place all solid waste and recycling INSIDE the container

Large Item and Appliance Collection

The charge for pickup of any large item or appliance is $10 (per item). Please contact the Sanitation Division at (812) 349-3443, or complete this on-line form, to schedule a collection time for these items. Large items will be picked up on your regular trash day, and appliances will be picked up on Thursdays. All charges will be automatically added to your monthly CBU statement.

You must schedule an appointment with Sanitation in order for large items or appliances to be picked up by crews!

Examples of large items and appliances:

  • Furniture (couches, chairs, tables, etc.)
  • Mattresses
  • Refrigerators
  • Dishwashers
  • Grills

What about recycling?

You usually also get a recycle bin. Break down boxes. And load up the bins. Be enviro-friendly! Too much? You can also check out the Monroe County Recycling Centers. Great place. Easy drop off!