What’s this notice about a charge?

Posted on September 10, 2015

You will receive notices about charges to your account if you have an email address on file with us. What are these all about and when are they due?

There are two types of charges you will receive a notice about: autocharges and one-time charges.

Auto-charges are things that happen each month, like rent installments. One time charges are things that happen occasionally, like maintenance charges, additional rent for late payment, etc.

Some key things to remember:

Autocharges (rent installments, etc)

  • Autocharges for rent installments generally post to your account between the 1st and 10th of the month.
  • Payment for these autocharges is not due until the 15th (for most of you, please check your lease for confirmation of due date).
  • Autocharges post early so you can see what’s due and pay it before its due.
  • Payment for new autocharges is not late and additional rent for late payment does not accrue until the 16th.
  • While the charge will be on your account, if you login to the portal, it will not be in the Balance Due section until the 15th (check Total Unpaid instead).
  • You can pay the charge at any time electronically from your bank through the portal.
  • Just because a charge posts does NOT mean you have a balance due. You will get a notice of the charge posting even if you have prepaid because it is simply a notice of the charge going onto the ledger. Note it doesn’t mean you don’t have a balance due either either. Check your portal.
  • The notification is for the entire charge to the unit. This is the full amount due from everyone in the unit. How much you personally owe is between you and other people on your lease (if any), but the notice is about how much your unit owes. Because you are co- and several liable, the entire amount is due from each and every one of you.

Other Charges

  • Other charges are due immediately.
  • Other charges are not subject to a late fee until the next regular rent installment due date (e.g. if you are charged for maintenance on the 7th, it must be paid no later than the 15th or will be subject to our late payment policies and procedures).

All Charges are Paid First In-First Out

If you have a previous balance due, that balance will be paid with your payment first before the new balance.

So, don’t freak. The notice is simply letting you know that a charge has been added to your ledger, but….

On the other hand, if you get a Balance Due notice. Well, then you owe money and should definitely check it out.

When in doubt, send us a note through the portal!

Thanks again for choosing to live with us. How can we help you?