Who clears the snow at Elkins Apartments locations in Bloomington?

Posted on January 11, 2015

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Yes, indeed, it’s wintertime in Bloomington and the snow looks nice but…who’s going to clear it? If you live with Elkins Apartments, who takes care of it depends on where you live, but in Bloomington, you MUST get it cleared within 24 hours of snowfall ending.

Sidewalk Snow Clearing at Elkins Apartments locations.

If you live with us at a townhome or apartment complex, we handle clearing the common areas.

If you live in a single family home or townhome with us, then you are responsible for clearing the snow, although our guys may help out if they are in the area clearing a lot, but it really is your responsibility as a neighbor, by your lease agreement, and as the all around great person that you are! For houses, this is really common, just like lawn mowing.

In fact, the city will ticket you, egad, for $50 or more, if it’s not cleared within 24 hours of the cessation of accumulation. If they can’t find you, they’ll send it to us to pass along to you (which makes us feel bad, and probably will upset you, but it won’t be our fault, honest!). This 24 hours bit is important. If it is still snowing, you don’t need to start the clock, but when the snow stops, the timer starts. Note, though, that its often a lot easier to clear it a few times, then one time when its really deep!

Hey, its good exercise. Be a good neighbor, clear a path! They even specify how WIDE you need to clear (36″ in most places, 54″–or the full width of the walk–in parts of downtown).

Please take care to:

  • Shovel carefully.
  • Do not lift too much or it can lead to back strain.
  • A good shovel with an ergonomic handle is a valuable tool when attempting to clear snow or ice
  • Clear the snow down to the sidewalk surface if possible.
  • If the snowfall begins with a layer of ice, residents may want to consider spreading sand or cinders to help remove the ice and aid in traction. Break away heavy ice with an ice chipper or straight edge hoe. Deep digging may result in damage to the sidewalk.

Think of it as fun. I have to shovel my drive and walk too — or pay someone to do it — but most the time I do it because its fun, good exercise, and I get to pitch a snow ball at my helpers. That’s one of the up and downsides of living in a stand alone home.

Please do NOT use ROCK SALT

Rock salt will destroy the concrete. Yes, it can be cheaper, but not if we see new damage at inspection and charge you for it. Rock salt can kill your pet. Rock salt is also much worse for the environment that ice melt or simple hard labor to remove the snow or ice with a good strong shovel. Boston has an article on why you should just say no to rock salt and Consumer Reports discusses some of your options.

SNOW REDUX: From the North

What’s the scoop on snow shoveling? or how not to hurt yourself….  Glad you asked. Who would know better than our good folks up in the frigid country of North Dakota. They’ve got some good news, bad news, and ways to avoid pain and suffering. Check it out.http://www.ext.nodak.edu/snow.htm

Parking Lot Snow Removal at Elkins Apartments locations

For parking lots at multiunit locations, we have you covered. We will have a snow plow there as soon as possible after snow stops accumulating. Often we will try to clear lots multiple times as it is accumulating in order to keep them clear but this isn’t always possible. Sit tight, enjoy a hot beverage. We will get to you.

Hey, snow and ice are slick. Walk (and drive) extremely carefully. Take a little extra time to get where you are going. Be safe.


Finally, an unrelated caution space heaters = fire hazard. Just say no to space heaters. And, no, your oven or stove are not a good heating appliance!

** Hey, what’s white, cold, and lots o’ fun?


Try to enjoy some of it. We don’t always get a lot here. Have some fun.


One of the best hills in Bloomington is TriNorth Middle School, on 17th, across from Classic Bowling Lanes.