Why am I receiving email addressed to SomeOneNotMe?

Posted on August 10, 2015

Getting email that starts “Dear SomeOneNotMe”? You are receiving these because our notification system uses a salutation for the primary contact on the lease. However, the message is about everyone on the lease, altogether.

If you share a lease with other people, and you are not the primary contact on the lease, any system generated messages that you receive will be addressed to the primary contact. These messages are still about you (and your leasemates) as a whole.

So, a message may start: Dear SomeOneNotMe.

This does NOT mean SomeOneNotMe owes money and you don’t, or that they made a payment, and you didn’t.

Some key things to remember:

  1. Most system messages will say Dear SoAndSo, where so and so is the Primary Contact.
  2. These messages are still about you—as in you and all your fellow lessees, together.
  3. Any balances due, payment notifications, and charges are about all of you together.
  4. Because you are jointly and severally liable, we do NOT separate out who owes what. We will help you sort it out from time to time, but keeping it straight among yourselves is completely up to you, or you can pay with a single payment each month, whichever is easier.

So, if you see a lot of messages addressed to you, it means you are likely the primary contact. If something is sent to you with a fellow lessee’s name on it, it’s still about you if you received it. 

Of course, if you are getting emails addressed to someone and you have no clue who the person is, then, well, we may have a bit of a problem (or you don’t know who you are living with…). Definitely let us know.

When in doubt, send us a note through the portal!

The Primary Contact

The primary contact, by the way, is the person everyone assigned to be the main contact when you executed the lease agreement. By default, this is the first person to sign (or the first in the list of signees). This means he or she will be the person who receives the deposit accounting (at their permanent address) when you move out. It also means they have all the messages addressed to them–and everyone else is considered a carbon copy. If you are the primary contact, think of all the attention as the price of power! 🙂