Why’d I receive an email notification of a $0 charge?

Posted on December 10, 2015

You may receive an email notification of a new charge, and that charge may be $0. What’s this? Well, it is NOT a $0 charge…

Yes, we think its weird too, but our property management system will sometimes send out the notification of a charge and it will not have the full data for the chargeĀ in the email. Worry not. The charge is correct inside the system. The notification is simply a courtesy. Simply login to your portal account and you can see what the charge is actually about.

Btw, its simply not possible for us to actually enter in a $0 charge, so if you see one, you know you have had the chance to observe this little ghost in the machine.

We have asked the vendor to explore this particular issue since it is, we agree, a bit odd and annoying, but it doesn’t happen often nor does it have an impact on actual accounting so it is not a high priority for them, much to our chagrin.

So, when it doubt, just look it up!