My window won’t lock….

Posted on December 12, 2017

My windows won’t lock. Please fix them…  So, seriously, 9 out of 10 times, this is simply that a double hung window doesn’t have its top part pushed up all the way… Reallly. Not kidding! Push it up.

“Our windows don’t push down far enough to lock.” “Windows won’t lock.”

Double hung won’t lock? Push it up!

Please note, this FAQ is only about windows that have two panels that move separately from one another, like the one in the photo.

The Top Panel isn’t up

The #1 problem is actually user error: the top panel of the window isn’t all the way up! No kidding. And you really don’t want maintenance to come to your place just to tell you that you didn’t know how to use a double hung window, right? That could be embarrassing and will cost a trip charge.

You see, unless you lock a double hung window after every time you open it, the top pane can easily slide down a little. This is normal for all such windows, but vinyl one’s are particularly prone to it as they expand and contract a little more with changes in temperature! The windows often won’t move enough to see a gap between it and the top of the window….but its plenty to keep it from locking, and to allow air in and out too! 

Sliding windows? If you have windows that slide side to side (or doors), then the same thing can happen. If both sides are not all the way over to their respective edges, then the lock won’t connect like it should. Try pushing both panels.

First thing to try?

  1. Make sure the window is unlocked,
  2. then just push the TOP sash up hard.
  3. Then push the bottom down hard
  4. Then lock!

Not sure? Check out this video! It includes a few other simple fixes, and of course, when in doubt, give us a shout!

And if that doesn’t work, send in a ticket. Safe and secure is worth a few bucks and embarrassment, and we are happy to stop by!