Finding Bloomington Rentals

Finding Bloomington Rentals: Your first step to living in a new place!

So, are you new to Bloomington or maybe you just need a new place for the upcoming year? Tired or living in an IU dorm? We can help!

First, some key things you may want to think about:

How many people will you have?

Are you flying solo? Or are you part of a really large group? Are you a small family or group of friends? Having a sense of how many people you have will help you, and us, determine what your best options are. Regardless of how many people you have or how many bedrooms you want (1? no problem. 9 as two leases in a house? We actually can do that too).

Whatever your needs, we can help!

Where would you like to live?

Near IU? Are you a student who wants to roll out of bed and walk to class? Near downtown Bloomington? Is it more important that its easy to walk from area entertainment to your home? Perhaps you want something away from it all? Maybe with a large yard? Where you want to live can play a big roll in choosing the perfect place. Then again, some people don’t care about the where and are most concerned with the what: the number of bedrooms, the cost–affordable, of course!, and the type of property or its amenities.

Wherever you want to be, we can help!

What type of property best suits you?

Are you an apartment person? Convenience. Low maintenance. We handle the landscaping and the plowing. Lots of parking. Just exactly the number of rooms and amount of space you need? Or perhaps you want to live in a rental house? Lots of room. Extra living areas and spaces. Unique styles. Character. The privacy of a stand-alone place? Or maybe something in between…like a townhouse?

Whatever your personal living style, we can help!