Local Community Support

Local Community Support: Giving Back to Bloomington!

Bloomington is a vibrant and vital community with lots of organizations and events. As a company, and as individual owners and staff members, we support many local organizations both with direct contributions and donations as well as with our time.

Local Community Organizations

Some of the many organizations and causes we have supported include

Cutters Community Soccer.

We’ve sponsored teams in Cutters Community Soccer for more than a decade. Some our kids have played on, most of them they have not. We’ve helped coach teams. We’ve participated in crazy fundraisers for the soccer club to help raise money for scholarships. We’ve contributed to TOPSoccer, which allows people with special needs to participate in the sport. We love soccer, and we want others to be able to participate in the sport and have a great experience, so we help!

Winslow Baseball.

We’ve sponsored teams. Bloomington Junior Baseball is a great opportunity for young kids to play baseball in a comfortable and, mostly, relaxed setting. Sometimes they need a little extra to help keep things rolling, so we help!

Indiana University Athletics.

Go Hoosiers. Enough said!

A zoo, a yak or two, and a leopard!

Image of Elkins Apartments sponsored leopard with a child and zoo director Patty during Little Zoo that Could production

Our sponsored leopard during Little Zoo that Could production at Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo

And a little further afield, we support the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo, otherwise known as The Little Zoo that Could. We have been longstanding supporters, way back to when we first donated money to help with the care and feeding of Dirty Harry and Etta, two yaks!

Eventually the yaks moved on (to a different, more climate friendly place, not ‘moved on’ in the, er, final sense!), and now we sponsor a Black Leopard!

Did you know that black leopards are spotted just like the spotted leopard? In the right light, you can see the spotted pattern in the black fur. “Our” leopard is named Katrina, after the devastating hurricane that took our much of the gulf coast, and the zoo! We met Katrina in the aftermath of hurricane cleanup, when she was just a baby, and visit annually to see how big she’s gotten (really big!).


Some of the other area and national organizations we support include the Indiana University School of Education (where one of us earned his PhD), Depauw University (where another spent her undergraduate years), the University of Kentucky School of Education (BA and MS, philosophy, political science, and education), Bloomington High School South, Bloomington High School North Soccer,the American Diabetes Association, and many more.

If you have a community organization or cause that you would like us to consider, feel free to send us a note outlying what you do, what you need, and how we could help, and we are happy to evaluate your request.