Ice Storms and Power Outages

Posted on February 21, 2013

Ice Storms are no fun!

Ice storms in the forecast?!

Most of you have been through an ice or snow storm and know that it can get very cold and sometimes very boring. Remember Icepocolypse 2011?

Whether you were here for it, or are a newby to ice and snow, here are some tips to help you be as comfortable as can be during a winter storm.

Ice Storm Quick Tips

  • Stay home. Don’t go anywhere. Ice is horrible to walk and drive on. Just stay inside unless you absolutely have to leave.
  • Stock up. Make sure you have plenty of food and water. If you have a grill, get some charcoal or propane before the storm and you can have a delicious meal in case you lose power!
  • Get (working) Flashlights! Make sure that you have flashlights in case of a power outage!  Flashlights don’t run on magic, so you’ll need some batteries.
  • Get Ice Melt. Invest in a bag of salt for your front porches and walkways, and wear those ugly snow shoes with tread your mom got you that one year for Christmas.
  • Watch your head. Be careful of dangerous, dangling icicles, splitting trees limbs and icy sidewalks and porches.

Power Outage Quick Tips

With ice, comes loss of power…

  • Charge up. Keep your mobile devices as charged up as you can if you think the power may go out.  If they die and you still have no power, got a car charger?
  • Bundle up. Get all of your blankets and Snuggies out of storage, or find a friend to help stay warm.
  • Report. Even if the neighbor’s power is out too, its a good idea to report your outage to Duke Energy (1-800-343-3525)
  • Unplug. Flickering power and power coming back on can cause spikes and surges with sensitive electronics. Unplug them.
  • Close it. Try not to look into your refrigerator  out of boredom. Keep it closed and your food won’t spoil as quickly!

Good old fashioned roommate bonding can be had during this cold, dark time. Pull out the board games!

Most of all, be as safe and prepared as you can be to avoid any accidents or discomforts!At least you don’t have Professor Popsicle’s job!