Save a friend. Save a life. The Indiana Lifeline Law.

Posted on April 22, 2015

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Elkins Apartments want to remind you: If anyone you know is injured, acting weird, passed out, or otherwise in trouble, please report it to 911 immediately.

Did you know lifeline law in Indiana protects you if you are underage and have been drinking but need to report an incident.

Know the signs

Any one of these signs or combination of these signs, and you need to call 911 immediately:

  • Acting unusually confused
  • Repetitively throwing up
  • Breathing is different than normal
  • Skin looks pale or bluish
  • Loss of bodily functions
  • Snoring unusually or loudly
  • Passed Out (meaning you can’t wake the person up to an alert state)

Will you make the difference in someone’s life?

One person might have made a difference for Rachael Fiege, the IU freshman who died at her first college party this year. She didn’t have to die.

No one did.

One person might have made the difference in the life of Lauren Spierer.

No one did.

Make a difference. Save a life.

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