Updated 15 Things to Do Before Leaving for the Winter Holidays

Posted on December 11, 2017

Heat your place. Secure your place. Take your stuff. Keep your rental home and your stuff safe while on winter break!

We’ve updated our 15 Things to Do Before Leaving for the Winter Holidays to include more about protecting your place and your stuff, including hiding, or better yet, taking your valuables with you, and having someone check your place for breaks in.

It’s warm now, but if you leave with your heat off, it will freeze = big $$ for you to repair.

We know, its warm right now, unseasonably warm, like 60s and soon to be 70s but the weather WILL turn, and accidentally creating an ice rink in your place is going to cost YOU a lot of money. This does happen, and invariably we find out the tenants turned the heat off or way way down, or the weather turned and they never had it turned on, or the heat failed and no one checked it for 2 weeks. None are good, all are your responsibility. Let’s keep it warm and safe!

Stow your stuff, or take it with you.

Have something you really care about? Don’t leave it out in the open. Not in a car, not in your place. That’s asking for someone to break it, or a housemate to mess with it, or any number of other issues. Bloomington Police strongly recommend you secure your valuables and/or take them with you.

Have someone check your place a few times while gone.

Really want to be sure everything is okay? It doesn’t take much for a friend to stop by and check whether the heat is on or whether something bad has happened, like a door being kicked in. Have someone you trust check out your place periodically. It will give you peace of mind AND may save you big trouble and $$ by catching a problem early.

Read about these and the other 15 Things to Do Before Leaving for the Winter Holidays and keep your home safe and secure during the holidays.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year!