Can I make a payment with a credit card? Yes! But…

Posted on January 21, 2015

Credit card payments are accepted via electronic invoice, in-person, or over the phone for any balances due on your account. Your account and the payment will reflect an adjustment to account for non-cash pricing.

UPDATE: In the past year, as a result of requests from multiple tenants, we opted to try a third-party service that allows you to make a credit card payment through the portal. WE HAVE DISCONTINUED THIS SERVICE. Why? Well, the short answer is it seems more than a few of your peers cannot, apparently, read. And what started as an effort to provide those in need with a service (and to earn $0 extra doing so…) turned into a customer relations issue. So we terminated the efforts.

Although not a normal payment process for us, we do understand that there are times when you really need to “put it on the card.” In those cases, we are happy to take your credit card as an alternative form of payment. However, because all our rates, payments, and fees represent cash-discounted pricing, there will be an increase to your account to reflect the non-cash status of your payment. This increase will only be applied to your payment amount and not to the entire balance. The increase is approximately 4% and will appear as a separate charge on your ledger, called a Cash Discount Recovery Charge, to clearly identify the amount of the charge that is attributable to your choosing to not take advantage of the cash discount pricing for a particular transaction. There may also be a minimum transaction amount.

Through Secure Web Form

You may use our credit card payment page to easily make your payment. The form is secure, processes through Paypal, and we never see or retain any of your credit card information.

In-Person Credit Card Payments

Come in any time. Bring your card. Swipe it. Get your receipt emailed to you (or grab a hard copy if you must). No problem.


Call any time during normal business hours and we will process the payment for you, and send you an electronic receipt.

Emailed Invoicing

You can also request that we send an electronic email invoice (via PayPal) directly to your email account. You can then pay the invoice using your own PayPal account. Note, if you will be paying this invoice with a cash-equivalent, like a checking account, we normally maintain the cash discount, so be sure to tell us!

Note. Please never ever (ever!) provide your credit card information in an email. That’s just a terrible idea!

Customer Initiated Paypal, GooglePay or other Payments

We do not accept unsolicited inbound payments through third-parties. For example, in Paypal, you might try to initiate a payment to us by sending it to our email address. If you choose to do so, and if we choose to accept the payment, then you are solely responsible for any additional charges that the third-party may charge to us. These charges, which may also include a processing surcharge of $50, for the time and effort required for EA to handle these non-standard payments, will be posted directly to your ledger and are non-refundable.

Keep in Mind

Payments must be received by the 15th of the month.

Do not wait until the last minute. None of the following will excuse a late payment:

  • Issues setting up an online account
  • Issues setting up your bank or issuing a ePayment from your bank in the online account
  • Our inability to handle a last minute credit card or ePayment request

In most cases, there are no issues with setting up ePayments or using credit cards. However, again, in most cases if you run into problems, the bottom line is: You agreed to pay by check, received in the office by the 15th, and anything else is optional and doesn’t absolve you of being late–though we will try to help, and to be understanding about special situations.

We say this because, every once in a while, we receive, um, sternly worded notes to the effect that “I’m having trouble setting up my online payment. It’s not working, and don’t you dare count me as late.” This typically is on, say, the 15th, late in the day. To which, all I can say is: seriously?

That said, if you set up the portal, and you set it up wrong, the FIRST time this happens, we usually will waive any associated late fees as long as you correct the problem within 24 hours of being notified. Fool me twice: if it happens again, you may get dinged for the late fees from the initial date due. This is true of issues with credit card payments as well.

We get that setup can be a challenge, don’t stress about it. But if it becomes an issue, we reserve the right to hold you to the terms of the lease (and any time we choose to waive those, it doesn’t mean we lose the right to enforce them in the future, etc, etc).

Let us know if you run into trouble, we are happy to help!

Note. Please never ever (ever!) provide your credit card information in an email. That’s just a terrible idea!