Got full trash bins!? Missed taking out your bins? Schedule Extra Trash Pickups!

Posted on July 20, 2022

Missed trash collection. Got a lot? You can schedule extra trash pickups! And Large Items too!

Have a full CBU trash bin? Forgot to take it out, or filled it way before the next collection?

Did you know you can schedule an additional trash pick up anytime, if you pay for city water utilities yourself? If you pay for water though US, you will have to call or email us and submit a request and we will handle it for you!

Full bins no more! You can self-schedule an additional trash pick up. These happen on Fridays, conveniently emptying your bin(s) before weekend activities!

NOTE: IF ANY of the forms from CBU site below are not working, we suggest you just start at your CBU portal (how you pay for CBU) OR at

Additional Weekly Pick-Up Requests from CBU (Optional)

The Sanitation Division will provide additional pickups on request for missing collection due to forgetting to place your carts out by 5:00 AM on pickup day, or for overflow trash from an unusually large amount of trash during a particular week.  There is an extra charge associated with these requests, depending on the size of your cart, which will be added to your monthly CBU statement. It seems pretty minimal, maxing out around $5 for the largest of the bins, so well worth it!

You must contact the Sanitation Division or complete this on-line form to schedule these additional weekly pickups (they are collected on Fridays). It may be possible to do it in your portal too!

And.. don’t forget large items too!

Large Item and Appliance Collection

The charge for pickup of any large item or appliance is $10 (per item). Please contact the Sanitation Division at (812) 349-3443, or complete this on-line form, to schedule a collection time for these items. Large items will be picked up on your regular trash day, and appliances will be picked up on Thursdays. All charges will be automatically added to your monthly CBU statement.

You must schedule an appointment with Sanitation in order for large items or appliances to be picked up by crews!

Examples of large items and appliances:

  • Furniture (couches, chairs, tables, etc.)
  • Mattresses
  • Refrigerators
  • Dishwashers
  • Grills

And of course we have everything you wanted to know about your CBU trash bins