Key Move-Out Information

Posted on July 31, 2013

So you are ready to move out, or already have? Here’s a jumpstart on what you need to know.

  • Lease ends at noon! Be aware that the lease ends at noon on the last day of your lease, unless you renewed. Anything left in your apartment after your lease expires will be considered abandoned. We will not be responsible for damage or loss of your personal property left behind so this means nothing can be stored in your apartment after the lease expires. Possession reverts back to Elkins Apartments at noon on the last date of your lease. If you have sold furniture to future tenants, you cannot store the belongings in your dwelling unit as the new tenants do not take possession of your dwelling unit on that day. Please email the office regarding such furniture and we will try to accommodate you. Many area organizations will take your furniture as a donation.
  • Check your Rent and Portal Account. Even if you leave town, please stay in touch with your roommates and/or sublessees to be sure that the rent is paid on time and that no damage has occurred in your apartment. Be sure you have responsible roommates and/or sublessees. Staying up to date will avoid unpleasant surprises and late fees. Getting a big bill for past due rent and for any account delinquency additional charges is no fun. Note, you may not elect to use the security deposit toward rent so please check your account to be sure you are paid in full and are not accruing additional rent for account delinquency.
  • Keep your utilities on. Even if you leave town, you must keep your utilities on. The utilities must remain on until after lease term ends and we have completed all repair to bring the unit back to move in ready state, and you have given us 3 days notice that they will be turned off (this is in your lease). You will be accountable for any damages incurred if you turn them off before hand (think…refrigerator, not just gross but potentially unsalvageable, among other potential problems). If you turn them off, and we turn them back on in our name in order to complete work, then you will be responsible for any reconnect charges, administrative charges, as well as the utilities themselves.
  • Clean Up & Move Out. Arrange with your roommates and/or sublessee about who will clean and paint your apartment at the end of the lease term unless you plan that it be done following your move out and deducted from the deposit. Be sure to get permission and the paint codes from us if you are painting and be sure to use drop cloths and to do a good job of cutting in. A bad touchup paint job can be harder to fix, and far more expensive, than the original paint problems. Do it right, and you might save some money; do it wrong, and it could be even more painful. The carpets will be steam cleaned and deducted from your deposit. You do not need to do this, it is in your lease; however, you need to vacuum all the floors to prepare for this, and you should mop all hard floors.
  • All work must be completed prior to the move-out inspection or whatever work is necessary will be done after you move out and itemized on your security deposit statement.
  • Tenants are responsible for scheduling a move out inspection during our office hours. You do not have to be present for the move-out inspection; however, do not forget to return keys, mail keys, and if applicable modems & cords, and  garage door openers to our office. The inspection request must be made for, and approved by, at least 72 hours prior to move out.  The move out inspection can only be completed when the unit is empty and keys are surrendered to the office. Tenants that do not schedule an inspection will have their inspection occur on Move-Out Day at our convenience. Please note that move-out day is very busy and delays may occur if you wait until that day to handle everything.
  • Sit back, relax (or what about my deposit?). Deposits will be refunded after the water and sewer bills are paid in full and a paid receipt of the final bill is provided to the office.  Security deposits will be mailed, per the terms and conditions of your lease, as a single mailing to the sole legal designate on the the lease within 45 days after the lease term ends. Read more about the secdep inspection and reconciliation process.

Are you leaving but others are staying? Check out our partial move out FAQ, and, yes, you have to be out by Move Out day….

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