Partial Move Outs. What if I’m leaving, but someone is staying?

Posted on July 28, 2016

If anyone in a location is staying but some of the roommates are moving out, this is called a partial move-out.

Leasemates who are leaving are subject to all the terms and conditions of the lease, including move out dates.

You must move all your stuff by the Move Out Date

A departing roommate must remove all of their belongings by the move out date in the original lease. You may not leave any belongings in the room you are vacating, even with the permission of the incoming roommate, unless other arrangements are made with the office, well in advance, and in writing.

This is because we must do a full inspection of the room, and the common areas of the home, for deposit return accounting purposes.

What about my security deposit?

In partial move-outs, a move out inspection will be conducted on the bedrooms vacated as well as the common areas of the home. Things will be fixed and the outbound tenants will be charge their portion of the costs. In some cases, work will not be completed at that time, but instead a Charge-Credit will be posted to the account which provides the continuing residents with a large deposit, taking into account the costs charged to the departing tenants. Because, you know, it wouldn’t be fair for the folks who stay on, and especially for folks who join a place, to be held accountable for damage that occurred previously.

Move Out Checklist

Partial move-outs are subject to the move out procedures of all leases. Check out our Key Move Out InfoMove Out Checklist, and Got Stuff? FAQs for more move out help.

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