How do I set up my utilities?

Posted on May 3, 2022

How do I set up my utilities? Do I need to do so? What’s the utilities 411?

You are responsible for turning on your own utilities. Gotta have them, or no tv, no shower, yuck! Here’s how to get your utilities hooked up  before moving in…

This Utilities Setup FAQ is also available on our website…. and if you have questions about utilities shutoff, we have that too!

Unless your lease SPECIFICALLY says that we handle a particular utility for you, then you must set up all of them. With the exception of some bedroom leasesall our tenants are responsible for electricity, cable/internet, gas, and, unless you are listed in the City of Bloomington Utilities section below, water. Note, not all homes have gas service. If you try to call Centerpoint Energy and they have no previous service for your address, then you likely don’t have gas heat. When in doubt, just send us a note.

Below are the primary providers that you will need to contact to set up your utilities. Please do it early, because they get rather busy during the August turnover time.

City of Bloomington Utilities handles water and sewer for most of our apartments. In most, but not all, cases you will need to set up your water and sewer through them. 812.349.3930. You can also signup online in many cases. You can go in person to start service at 600 E. Miller Sr. (corner of Miller & Henderson), make sure you take your drivers license.

Tenants will usually be billed by Elkins Apartments for water and do not need to call for water hook-up at the following addresses: 340-349 S. Grant St., 109 S. Park Ridge A-I, 820 N Dunn Apt A- D, 7545 Fairfax #1-3, 7600 & 1⁄2 Fairfax 7620 S. Fairfax Rd #1-4 7650 Fairfax #1-4, 210-220 E 17th St.

Duke Energy provides electric service for many of our units. You will need to contact them to establish new service and for any problems with your electricity. 1-800-521-2232, call at least 2 weeks before move-in to get service set up, or signup for Duke Energy online.

Centerpoint Energy (previously Vectren) provides natural gas service to many of our apartments. If your home or apartment uses gas furnaces or heat, you will need to establish an account with Centerpoint. 1-800-227-1376. Handle your request at least 2 weeks in advance. You may also signup for Centerpoint gas service online in many cases. The following homes have gas service:

Elkins Apartments Homes Needing Gas Utilities. Please double check with us if you believe an address to be in error.
107 E Dixie
111 E 9th
115 E Dixie
115, 117 Jefferson
317 S Mitchell
400 Swain (A)
406 E 12th
408 Eagleson
420 E 9th
420 N Fess (A-D)
421 N Dunn
425 N Dunn
422 N Fess
500 N Prow
501 S Fess
502 S Washington
503 N Fess
504 E 9th
508 E 14th
515 E 14th
517 E 14th
526 N Prow
530 S Grant
537, 539, 541 S Lincoln
606 S Park
610 E Atwater
708 E 9th
610 E Atwater
708 E 9th
716 E 11th (A&B)
716 E 2nd
718 E 11th
918-924 W Graham
1019 E 14th
1021 N Indiana
1106 N Dunn
1119 N Lincoln
1506 W 11th
2001 E Atwater
2304 N Headley

Even if your home is not listed above, please check your furnace before it actually gets cold! It can take days for the gas company to turn on service.

Xfinity provides television and high-speed internet services in the area. You should contact them if you are interested in receiving either cable tv or high-speed internet in your new home or apartment. or call 855.870.1311.

AT&TSmithville Telephone, Directv and many other providers also provide television, phone, and/or internet services in the Bloomington, Indiana area.

Remember, we aren’t your television or internet provider, but we try to help. If you need internet support, have been told you need new wires for an install or repair, we have FAQs for that, and you can always send us a note if you aren’t getting anywhere with your provider–we can try to assist!

City of Bloomington Sanitation (trash removal)- or call 812-349-3443. Make sure you know when you trash pick-up day is, and the rules and regulations for putting trash and recyclable at the curb.

If you have roommates, please coordinate who is handling utility connections. You don’t want to be messing with each other and multiple attempts to set up various utilities.

Nota bene: Almost all Elkins Apartments units are stand-alone homes, townhomes, and apartments, for which you are responsible for contacting the electric, water, and in some cases, gas, companies and making sure you have power, water, and gas when you move in. If you are not sure, or have not been told specifically otherwise, then YES, you need to set yours up. Just do it. Coming in to the office in August and stomping your foot that you don’t have AC because you don’t have power, or don’t have water, or can’t take a hot shower, yada yada yada—won’t help anyone.

There is no magic utility wand we can wave, got it? Turn it on. Take care of it. Power, water, and in some cases gas. Gotta have ’em.