Setting Up an Online Payment Account

Posted on June 16, 2015

How to set up an online payment account in the Elkins Apartments tenant management system

Once you are logged into your online account, you will be able to set up an online payment account and pay your rent online. First, you need to set up your payment account. You will be able to set up automatic checking (E-Check) payments.

click the Payment Account button

Click on the Payment Account Button in the row of buttons under “My Rental” in your Elkins Apartments Tenant Portal

Always look for the eCheck image or the words eCheck or ACH.There IS a credit card option, but its spendy. Your call….

fill in your bank account information

Fill in your Bank Account information and your Driver’s License OR SSN/SIN. The system will validate your bank routing number. You should double (triple!) check your Account Number. NOTE there is now a date of birth field that is required!

enter your billing address

Enter your billing address for the account your are setting up to make payments for your Bloomington rental house or apartment.

click Save

Save your Account information and you should be ready to make an online payment or set up autopayments.