Setting Up Auto ePayments

Posted on June 16, 2015

How to setup an Auto ePayment using the Elkins Apartments Tenant Portal

Once you have set up an online payment account, you can schedule an auto ePayment to automatically pay your rent from checking account. You can choose a start date for recurring payments. You can cancel the auto ePayment at any time. You can also make one-time payments online. Set the Start Date to the 10th of the month, to be safe, and the End Date to after that date on the last month you wish to autopay (e.g. Start Date, August 10th, End Date, June 12th).

Click Auto EPayments

Click the Auto ePayments button from the My Rental tab of your Elkins Apartments tenant portal.

Click Schedule Auto ePayment

Click the Schedule Auto ePayment Button

Fill in the required payment information

Complete all required fields and confirm the amount, including the current processing fee. For Start Date, we recommend you use the 10th (and not the 15th). This gives you a chance to correct an error or NSF before the 15th comes around and perhaps avoid additional delinquency charges. For End Date, choose a date a few days after the LAST MONTH you wish to make a payment. So if you expect your last payment to be in June, and you set your Start Date to August 10, then put June 17th as the End Date and it will do the last one in June. Click Next.

Confirm the auto epayment

Confirm the total amount to be paid each time and click the Save button.

Note: please make sure you set the End Date to a sometime AFTER the last payment you wish to make, but before the month after that, or you will have instructed the system to make more payments than you may have intended. Similarly, don’t leave the End Date BLANK or you are basically telling the system to do it forever (or until we terminate your lease at move out).

That’s it! You have now scheduled an auto ePayment to be drafted from your checking account to pay for your Elkins Apartments apartment or rental home in Bloomington, Indiana. Contact us if you have any issues with the system.


  • Electronic NSF/Be sure you have money! If you set up an autopayment and you do not have sufficient funds in your account, it will generate an NSF just like a check will, and you will be charged our standard NSF fees along with other charges until the payment is made in full.
  • Due Dates Don’t Change. Due dates will not change if you have technical problems with setting up your payment.
  • Change/Delete Autopayments. You can modify or remove an autopayment at any time from the same screens you sent them up. Just click Auto ePayments from the My Rental tab.

Thanks again for choosing to stay with us. We are constantly striving to make your stay easier, and we hope that electronic payments make it just a little simpler for you. Best wishes, the Elkins Apartments staff