Where can I recycle? Recycle carts and the Monroe County Recycling Centers!

Posted on August 29, 2019

Where can you recycle in Bloomington, Indiana? Recycle carts and the Monroe County Recycling Centers!

Great question. Way to be environmentally conscious! There are lots of great options for recycling in Bloomington, Indiana!

City Utilities Trash and Recycling Carts

If you are a CBU customer (water/sewer), you have (and are paying for!) trash and recycling carts. Solid waste should be placed in the cart designated for waste, while all recycling – cans, paper, plastics, glass – should be disposed of in the cart designated for recycling. Both solid waste and recycling are collected on a weekly basis.


Monroe County Recycling Centers! Lots of options. Take most anything!

You can also check out the Monroe County Recycling Centers. Great place. Easy drop off! They can most things, even electronics for a small fee. Plus the primary one is right by the humane society, so its a chance to visit puppies (just remember, most of our places do not allow pets…).