Are you ready for Spring Break?!

Posted on March 4, 2013

We sure are! But are you really prepared for Spring Break?


You just want to hit the beach, or at least duck and cover, hiding out for a week…. but be ready before you leave town so you don’t have stress when you return! We hope 2013 is treating you well! We know many of you are gearing up for Spring Break, and we wanted to remind you of a few things….

  1. PAY RENT. Please remember to pay your March rent before leaving to avoid the $4 per day fee. Coming back to a big late fee would not be cool.
  2. REMOVE TRASH. Please make sure all trash is picked up, put in the correct containers, and tagged, if necessary, before leaving. Trash is nasty. Keep it clean.
  3. HOLD MAIL AND PAPERS. Notify the post office and newspaper carriers to hold your mail and papers until you return from vacation. It’ll help make it less obvious you are gone!
  4. GET SECURE! Make sure that all windows and doors are locked. You may want to leave a light on in your apartment. These help deter crime.
  5. LEAVE HEAT ON. Bloomington can freeze in March. Make sure your heat is on! Heat may be turned down to 65 degrees to conserve heat costs but do not turn your heat off. Pipes can freeze, damage your residence, not good.
  6. UNPLUG. Pull the plug on appliances and electronics=save $ and reduce risk something gets a surge while you are gone.
  7. NEED SOMETHING? What is on your wishlist? Is there anything else you would like the office or maintenance to attend to?

Still need a place for 2013-2014?

If you or any of your friends still need housing for next year, we have a few options remaining for 2013-2014 for 1-5 bedroom locations, and we can even help you with roommate placement. What do you need?

Here are some quick tips to save a little on driving somewhere for Spring Break.

Have a great break! Be careful and have fun!


Elkins Apartments