My account has a balance due, can I move in? No…

Posted on August 18, 2015

Your lease has a balance due that must be paid in full before moving in. Handling it before move-in day will make for a much smoother move.

We strongly recommend handling this before move-in day because hiccups in regards to having a zero balance will slow you down (and probably really aggravate you—and we want you to be a happy camper!).

Login to your account portal to check your balance and make a payment

Keep in Mind

You cannot move in until the entire balance on the account is paid (not just your “share”).

If you live with others, because you are all jointly and severally liable for the entire balance, the obligation due from each and every one of you is for the full total unpaid amount. This is true even if you have paid separate payments from your lease-mates and have paid what consider your share (as determined among yourselves), no one can move in until the entire balance is paid. You are all in this together and generally speaking it’s not up to us to track who has paid what among yourselves. Its so very important that you understand joint and several liability and how important it is for you and your fellow lessees to keep track of payments.

Pending loans not yet disbursed are okay, if you provide documentation

If you have pending student loans that are the basis for you being able to make payments and they have not yet been disbursed, that is okay; however, you will need to upload a copy of the documentation to your portal, send it in an email, or bring a copy when you plan to check in.

Some payments may not be applied immediately

Certain payments, especially credit cards, may not be posted to your account immediately because they are not a normal payment channel that we support. If you request to make a credit card payment and do not see it on the account, please email (or send a note through the portal) and we will confirm it.

In the end, does your account have a ZERO Total Unpaid? If not, let’s figure out why not and make sure you get it to ZERO before move-in.

Thank you for choosing to live with us. We look forward to seeing you. How can we help?