Moving Out of Your Rental

Are you moving out of your rental? We are sorry to see you go!

Here’s what you need to know about moving out of your rental house, apartment, or townhome in Bloomington, Indiana.

Overview of the Moving Out

Moving out is pretty straightforward.

  1. You have to determine when you will move out (usually the last day of your lease)
  2. You have to get all your stuff out and clean up and make repairs by the move out date and time
  3. We will schedule a move out inspection to examine your rental for any necessary repairs
  4. We will produce an itemized report of damages, deductions from your deposit
  5. We will send this to you with your remaining deposit, or an invoice for additional costs for damages, to the attention of the primary contact on the lease.
  6. This will occur within 45 days of your lease termination date (as specified in the lease)

That’s moving out in a nutshell! Let’s talk details.

When to Move Out

When Must You Move Out?

You absolutely must hit the road by the end of your lease. Sorry, but thought we’ve loved having you, someone else is waiting to move in to your place, and we have to get it all jazzed up for them. This drop dead move out date will specified in your lease or rental agreement. By this time, you have to have all your stuff moved out, and you have to have cleaned up your place.

Moving Out Early

Yes, yes you can. Deciding when you will move out can be an important part of moving out of your rental. Are you leaving town before the end of your lease? Did you graduate and are moving on to a job (congratulations!) somewhere else? Then you may want to move out early. This is absolutely okay.

  • You should keep a couple of things in mind if you are moving out early.
  • You have to inform your landlord of your decision
  • You have to maintain your utilities during the period between moving out and the end of your lease
  • You will continue to be responsible for all your remaining installment payments
  • You have to schedule a move out inspection–this can be before you leave town OR you can return at the end of your lease period if you want to do some additional repair or cleanup

What should I do to prepare for my move out inspection?

Here’s the deal. You want to get as much of your rental deposit back as you can. We actually would love to give you all of your deposit! What we care about isn’t so much the deposit as it is getting your place ready for the next person to move in.

The move out inspection is all about moving you out and determining what is necessary to move the next person in: we look at everything, just like we did when you moved in. So, if you leave your place in perfect condition for the next person, you should get most of your deposit back.* The more stuff we have to send someone out to fix, the more it will take away from your deposit. If you really trashed the place, it can even cost you more than your deposit, and we have to bill you the difference, and that’s not good!

* Most, not all, because as noted in the rental agreement, everyone is responsible for having their carpets cleaned.

So, what should you do?

  • Clean everything!

  • Fix anything that is broken.

  • Move all your stuff out.

Sounds simple, but there are a lot of things you can miss when moving out. To make it easier, we’ve created this handy move out checklist that covers the essentials. You are also welcome to come into the office and get a blank copy of the actual move out inspection form that we use.

Your Move Out Inspection

We will schedule a move out inspection. The latest this can normally occur is the termination date of your lease, and we will assign a time for the inspection. We strongly recommend at least one of the people on the lease be present for the move out inspection. This is not a requirement, and we can conduct the move out without you, but if you are present, we can tell you a bit about what we see as problems as we walk through together.

From Move-Out Inspection to Deposit Return, an Overview

You may be an old hat at moving out, but if not, it’s a pretty simple procedure.

First, we do the move-out inspection. We note all damages to the unit and also whether a laundry list of things are clean or dirty.

We then take this move out inspection and staff will compare it to the move in inspection that was conducted when you took possession of the apartment, house, or townhouse. If there is damage that is present on your move-out that was also present on your move-in, then you are not assessed for this damage, unless we also have a work order showing that the repair was completed during the year.

Repairs and cleaning are conducted by our crew or often by third-party contractors. These worked invoice us for the cost of their services and any materials.

Your deposit is debited for those actual costs.

You are sent an itemized list of costs and your remaining deposit, or an invoice for additional costs. And at that point you have completed moving out!

Your Deposit Return

When should I expect my deposit?

You deposit and/or itemized listing of damages should be mailed no later than 45 days after the ending date of your lease agreement. It is very unlikely that this will occur significantly earlier than 45 days. So, asking after a week is not going to get you very far. We process the deposit returns as quickly as possible; however, we have to wait for all repairs to be complete, or at least estimated, and for contractors to submit their bills.

What if I have questions or concerns about damages and deposit return or invoice?

Hey, that’s okay. Perhaps something is just confusing. Or you disagree with some item of damage. Or whatever else you might have a question about. We are happy to help!

BUT not everyone may be as good natured and even tempered as you are, so we have a few suggestions to help keep everyone happier. First, don’t freak out, call immediately, and yell at someone. Once or twice a year, someone does this, and its not much fun for anyone–even for the next person who calls! In any event, that’s not likely to be very helpful for anyone.

Instead, send us an email with your concern. Please be as specific as possible. We will review it and get back to you. This may take a few days or even a week or more depending on how many requests we have and how complex your particular inquiry is.

Let’s be problem focused, and let’s try to solve you problem: what’s the issue, and how can we help?

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