Moving In to Your Apartment or Rental House

Moving In to a Bloomington Rental: Here’s the 4-1-1

So you chose one of our places and you signed a lease. Now you want to know all about moving in? Got it!

There are only a few main things you really need to know about moving in:

When can you move in?

You can move-in when you have paid your first, last, and security deposit installments and anytime on or after the day and time specified in your lease. I know, that seems evasive! But the date does vary from lease to lease and from year to year. Be sure to double check the date because it may be later than you think. In a perfect world, everyone could move out of one place and into another on the same day, but this isn’t likely most of the time because people have to move out of units and we have to have some time to fix them up. Sometimes this time is very short, and sometimes former tenants trash the place — we know you would never do that, but believe us, it does happen, and that slows “turnover” down a little as well.

We will try to accommodate any requests for moving in early. You can submit an early move in request via email any time. If you are granted an early move-in, there is a per day fee for this accommodation which covers costs of maintenance overtime and administrative overhead as well as your extra time in the place.

Please remember that if you are granted an early move in, it means we are going to rush repairs and their may be problems with your place that we cannot correct prior to your early arrival. If this is the case, we expect you to be more than a little accepting of this situation. You are welcome to report any issues with your unit, but if you find it unacceptable or are very difficult about it, we may ask that you vacate the home and return no earlier than the date of your actual move in. We truly hope this doesn’t happen; however, we have had several times when inbound tenants have been very difficult with our office staff when they move in early, and this truly isn’t fair since we are simply trying to do the best we can, and are, in fact, doing such early tenants a favor.

Thank you for your consideration in this! Together we can get going in a smooth and equally satisfying way!

Doing a Move In Inspection

So when you move in, the first thing you need to do is a move in inspection. This is a walk through of your place to make sure everything is okay and to report any problems that may remain from the previous tenants so we can fix them. You’ll get a form for this. You can grab one from the office, or email us and we can send you one. Be careful with your walk through. With all the turnover we do, especially for the IU year, sometimes things get missed when we walk through for the move out with the outbound tenants. If its missed then, then the maintenance crew may not handle it. Moreover, sometimes at turnover things are missed or not done as well as they could be. We’d love to hear about this, both so we can fix it for you, but also so we can provide feedback and track performance of our contractors.

Submitting Maintenance Requests

If you run into things that are not working, or you happen to break something, during the year, please just submit a maintenance request.

So that’s about it: When moving in, just be sure to double-check your move in date and time and be certain you have paid your deposit, first, and last installment payments. Come by, get keys, do inspection. Move in. Rock and roll…

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