Living in Your Rental Property

Living in your rental property: What can you do and what shouldn’t you?

Day to day living in an apartment, rental house, or townhouse. You’ll run into situations… you’ll have questions… we try to answer them! (And the random things we couldn’t categorize elsewhere.)

Living in your rental property. Daily Living

Like, can I use a grill? What about a space heater? Snow removal? Noise ordinance? (Er, what’s a noise ordinance? Read on…).

My fridge is warm… my fridge isn’t cooling…

How do I get proof of residency for a Bloomington City Neighborhood Parking Pass?

Got full trash bins!? Missed taking out your bins? Schedule Extra Trash Pickups!

Where can I recycle? Recycle carts and the Monroe County Recycling Centers!

My energy bill went way up, what’s up?

What’s up with trash and recycle bins? They are your responsibility.

What can I do to save money on air conditioning (AC)?

What should I do if I will be gone for an extended absence?

Apartment Grilling Rules: Can I grill at my rental house, townhouse, or apartment?

How do I best prevent a fire?

How do I best avoid a burglary?

Living in your rental property. Cable and Internet

Hey, you have to have your tv, right? And internet, of course! Oh, maybe a phone, but most of us don’t have land lines anymore. Land line? What’s that? Here’s some of the more common questions we get about cable and internet when folks are living in rental properties.

Are cable or internet provided?

Can Comcast or another provider install services in my Bloomington home or apartment?

My internet isn’t working, can you help?

Got a question we haven’t addressed? Fire away! Or maybe a maintenance issue?