Reviewing and Paying Your Bills

Reviewing and Paying Your Bills

When do I need to make payments? What’s an installment? What fees do you charge for different things? We have the 411 on paying for your place!

Frequently Asked Questions about Payments

What is Telko, Inc. on my bank statement?

What’s up with the $51 payment fee? Don’t use a card!

I accidentally made a payment to my old lease… Can you move the payment?

Why did my ePayment fail? And what happens next?

How long does it take an electronic payment to process? Or, “Hey, why does my payment say pending?”

How do I log in to my tenant account?

Can my parents or others access my tenant account?

Can my parents or others not on my lease set up Electronic Payments?

Why can’t I make more than one electronic payment at a time?

I’m a sublessee, can I access the account management portal?

Why’d I receive an email notification of a $0 charge?

When is my security deposit due? What about my first, last and all the other installment payments?

What’s this notice about a charge?

How are payments applied to charges? FIFO!

My account has a balance due, can I move in? No…

What’s Joint and Several Liability? i.e. Who’s responsible for paying what?

How do monthly installments work? 12 Installments Plus a SecDep

Can I make an electronic bank payment?

I am having trouble with an ePayment or credit card payment, will I be late?

Why am I receiving email addressed to SomeOneNotMe?

Can I prepay rent? Of course, but….

What’s a ledger review? What’s a no-cost ledger review?

Can my roommates and I make individual payments, or do we have to pay in one lump sum?

Setting Up Auto ePayments

Setting Up an Online Payment Account

Can I check my account balance online?

Can I make a payment with a credit card? Yes! But…

Is there a cash discount? Rates and offers always already reflect a cash discount.

How do I handle an accidental auto epayment? Can I get my accidental payment refunded?

Deleting an Auto ePayment

When is my rent installment payment due? Payments must be received by the 15th.

Is my rent prorated? Usually, no…